Peppermint Sea Twist Wrap
Aromatic body shaping treatment combining peppermint oil w/fresh marine seaweed that stimulates, rejuvenates & invigorates followed by massage. A great cellulite treatment.
Chocolate Body Wrap
A treat for the chocolate lover...Be smothered in chocolate while rejuvenating at the same time. An antistress and stimulating wrap that uses chocolate as an anti-oxidant to unwind you after a stressful day.
Herbal Trim Wrap
Paradise Tans & Day Spa An inch loss wrap that detoxifies, cleansing the body of toxins, fats, acids, etc. leaving a loss of 4-10 inches through the process of drainage from the skin...rejuvenating & stimulating.
Mineralized Dead Sea Black Mud Wrap
100% Natural Dead Sea mineral is the most unique body treatment rich in minerals to reduce wrinkles, while revitalizing the body & skin. One treatment will improve muscle tone, skin disorders and circulations leaving the skin soft & subtle, followed by massage.